Youth Dek Hockey Age Groups

Chipmunk Division (Ages 4-6, born 2009-2011)

Players are introduced to the game of hockey through organized drills, utilizing ASHI Hockey’s Practice Plans. Through out the season, players are phased into more formal game action, teaching and applying fundamentals. Learning basic rules, such as off-sides, focus on positioning and learning when to shift during the game. Players are given the opportunity to play all positions. Games are facilitated by youth referees, all who have played the game and a coach from each team, allowing them to teach while they are playing. Scores are not posted; there are no standings or playoffs. Players coming out of the Chipmunk division will have a good foundation for the game and will be prepared for Penguin Hockey.

Penguin Division (Ages 7-9, born 2006-2008)

Players attend an evaluation session where Coaches and Volunteers slot the players and they are drafted to a team to balance out the leagues talent with tenured and new players of mixed talent levels. Games are refereed with all rules enforced. Standings are kept for playoff seeding. All teams qualify and participate in double elimination playoffs. The level of play increases and players get older.

Beaver Division (Ages 10-12, born 2003-2005)

Similar to Penguin. Same rules apply and level of play increases.

Cadet Division (Ages 13-15, born 2000-2002)

Similar to Penguin and Beaver, except players do not go through the evaluation process. A draft is used by the coaches and volunteers.

Freshman Division (Ages 16-19, born 1996-1999)

Offers the high school players the opportunity to continue playing competitive hockey. Entire teams can be entered by players or we will draft teams based on players that don’t have a registered team.