Hillary Knight
Hilary Knight and Wayne Barrett

The women who made the first cut are heading to The Breakaway Dek in Dracut, MA for an invite only camp to tryout for Team USA…

Back in February, the list of women who made the cut for this camp was posted.  Since then, these women have been training hard in preparation for this camp.
The camp is being run by the Women’s Division GM, Jason Kelly, and his staff:  Assistant GM Jason Glista, Head Coach Mike O’Connell, and Assistant Coach Terry Gillespie.

Thanks to Breakaway Hockey for donating their time this weekend for the camp.  Stay tuned to this article for updates on the camp Mid-Saturday, end of Saturday, and end of Sunday.

Good luck to all the participants!

3:00pm update from Jason Kelly:

“As the first session winds down the one word on all the staffs lips is ” impressed” The level of commitment of these girls is amazing. 7:00am-11:15am and no one stopped hustling.

Ladies from as far as California are all here with the same goal in mind, brining a gold medal home to the USA. And they are all singularly committed to making that happen.

Next up 6-7 hours of scrimmages…”

7:30pm update from Jason Kelly:

“Session 2 started off with a huge bang as Hilary Knight from Team USA Ice Hockey showed up. Hilary as been back and forth with assistant GM Wayne Barrett about the team lately, and decided that she wanted to come to camp, participate, and try and earn a spot with Team USA Ball Hockey.

4 teams of girls battled hard in 5 hours of intense scrimmages.   The coaching staff and the dozens of fans in attendance were thoroughly impressed with the energy that the girls still had after the morning session. When asked “How are you still running so hard and fighting so hard for every ball?”  Megan Habina from South Jersey replied, “We are all giving it our all because this team means so much to us .”

That quote alone showed the staff what we had on our hands – a family, and a great group of girls. Up next is Session 3 tomorrow 6:30am-11:00am.

Final update Sunday from Jason Kelly:

“Today was started with ankle wraps and sports creams. The girls showed up at 6:30am ready to leave it all on the floor for the final session of tryouts.  5 hours left to give it there all and they did that and more. A lot of new faces in the program this time around, and no one disappointed.  The staff has a very hard couple of weeks ahead.  We want to thank every lady that came out.”
Head Coach Mike O’Connell also shared a lot of pictures with us and we’ve placed them in a shared Google Drive for viewing.  Here is the link: