Rocky IV is the favorite movie of Pittsburgh, PA native Jordan Albright, who will be serving the Junior U16 Team USA as an Assistant Captain.  There’s a quote from the movie that describes Jordan’s approach to competing.  Rocky’s is speaking to his trainer Duke the night before he is to begin training.  Duke looks Rocky in the eye and says “You know what you have to do.  Do it.”  Jordan follows that advice and has been competing at a very high level in ball hockey for several years with his local club team the Team Pitt Outlaws.  His ability to get the job done is what led to his selection to represent the United States at the 2016 ISBHF World Junior Ball Hockey Championships in Sheffield, UK in July of this year.  Jordan tries to pattern his play after one of the most clutch players of all time, his favorite player Derek Jeter, future hall of famer from the New York Yankees.  When Jordan isn’t out winning ball hockey games, he likes to chomp down on a great steak and root for the Detroit Red Wings.  Jordan gave us a few minutes of his time to talk about his role on the team and the upcoming tournament.


Describe what it means for you to be named (Captain/Alternate Captain) of this team?

I feel proud to be named as one of the assistant captains of the USA U16 team. It is a great honor to be able to represent my country.

What are the responsibilities of a captain?

One responsibility is to speak for my team during the games.  I also need to motivate my team.  Being a good leader is another responsibility of being the AC. To do what needs to be done to win at all costs and to make sure my teammates feel the same.

What are the keys to making sure your team will be as successful as it can be at the WJBHC?

Working together, making sure I do my job, and leading by example.

What style of leadership will you bring?

I will lead by example and communicate with my teammates both on and off the Dek.

Who do you credit for your success as both a person and a hockey player?

As a person, I credit my dad for always being there for me, offering advice, teaching and coaching me in the game of hockey, and setting a good example.  I have learned a large amount of hockey knowledge from Dan Gregory.  Finally, my brother Drew has also taught me how to be tough and play tough.

How do you prepare for games? Are there any superstitions you follow?

None. When you get to this level you should already know what needs to be done to win.