Chrissy morrisonThe only player in Canadian Ball Hockey History to be named M.V.P more than once with 3 trophies to his name coming in 1999, 2011, and 2012. Arguably the greatest stick handler in ball hockey history….

Winner of 11 Ontario Provincial Championships.  Winner of 7 Canadian National Championships. Winner of 2 North American Ball Hockey Championships.  Countless scoring titles.  He’s set up more men for a score than ASHI is proud to talk hockey with Chrissy Morrison Jr…..

Chrissy, thanks for taking some time to sit down with us and talk hockey. Let’s start of with some #vitals – Age, DOB, where were you born, where’d you grow up, you married, single, got any kids?

= Chris Morrison Jr. #99 – the #Sultan of the orange ball.

#MidnightExpress club team in Toronto / #UK Great Britain National Team
Toronto, Ontario #Canada

Grew up in Toronto, CAN – excel at Hockey and Baseball

single (married to the #game) no kids / have 1 younger sister who has 4 kids (2boys /2girls)

What do you do for a living?

sports betting #entrepreneur

How many hours per day or per week do you practice/work on your game?

stick and ball in my hands everyday – couple hours everyday

How many world tournaments have you played in, please list the years.

I have played for #UK Great Britain in 5 World Championships = 2005” 2007” 2009” 2011” 2013”

You play for team Great Britain. How did you get involved with that organization?

I was born in Toronto, Canada and always dreamed to wear the maple leaf and play for #Canada. But In 2001 I failed to make Team Canada and really thought I was 1 of the best players in the world. In 2003 with help from than: ISBHF president DD – word of a #UK Great Britain team was gonna be part of the 2005 World Championship in USA. and I would be able to represent #UK Great Britain with my English #Heritage and the rest as they say: is history.

So because you didn’t make the 2001 squad you went to play for Great Britain.  That must have been a very tough and very personal decision.  Was it?  Do you have regrets about that decision? 

At first was very personal and hard to accept when I was the 1999 MVP in Canada and my club team #MidnightExpress was at the top of sport with Montreal Black Knights at that stage = but to this day it has made me a better player and queen and country has taking me on. Ballhockey UK Ali Cree and everyone has been 1st class and I have made 10 years of friendships with teammates from UK. so no regrets with Canada.

With the benefit of some years behind you, would you make a different decision now?

If I was asked again to play for Canada would think about it of course.

How would you describe the overall experience of playing in a world championship?

Unbelievable the best competition and the whole organization of everything : right up to the uniforms and tracksuits the gear each country wears. The overall #atmosphere at arena and village is the closes thing to #professionalism and just has a #olympic style feel to it.

How does the competition level differ at the world’s versus say the Canadian nationals or the North American Championships?

everything just gets raised to a whole other level. The skill of the players ,the coaching and the atmosphere is the best in the world. You have the best players in the #world at the World Championships = in the Canadians and North Americans you have the best players from Canada and USA playing : but picture the best players from those events put together on 1 team to represent Canada and USA . = WoW

What is it about the World Championships that you look forward too the most, and what about them are you not that big a fan of?

to travel to places all over the world and to meet people and players from different #countries and it’s the best competition in the sport and the #atmosphere has a #olympic feeling to it. = 1 thing I am not a fan of is the overall $cost of everything = I think it’s well worth it ,and always will attend = but I like to see more funding to cut $cost in the future somehow.

What do you consider your best performance at a World’s tournament?  Why?

my performance at the 2011” World Championship in Slovakia the B pool with #UK Great Britain was by far my best performance. I was named 1st team B pool tournament all-star.

How do you prepare for a world’s tournament?  Is it any different than your regular preparation?

The World Championships are every 2 years in June so come April each year of a World Championship I pretty much shut down my heavy schedule and put in the extra work #physically and #mentally which in a non-championship year I would continue playing a heavy schedule of games. I get myself ready really by being a rink rat, playing allot of events and watching allot to learn new tricks.

You probably get asked this all the time so forgive me if it’s the 1002nd time you’ve been asked: Are you mostly this great at street hockey because of God or because you worked at it?  Or is it both?

Combination of God given talent and early teaching from my father and coaches with the extra work I put in myself from working on things and watching and learning from others.

Are there any people you want to single out for being exceptional ball hockey players that you look up to and maybe enjoy competing both with and against?

so many – The Leaders of my club team #MidnightExpress Mentis`Brothers and Terry Griffith are the main guys to single out and I look up to along with former linemate Rob Marchese ,former player Alex Burrows and currently the top players Nelson Vargas Diaz , current Line mates Matt Tremblett and Tony Monteiro in Canada and Bobby Housser, Denny Schlegel, Steve Gregory and Andrew Hildreth in the US. are some players I play on same team with and some I respect and love to watch and compete against. And not to forget the #Ladies #shoutout to my favs Kristy Morgan, AnneMarie Moore, Brittany Ann Reid, Laura Guiducci, Kelly Sabatine, Melissa Boal, Ashley Carney, Katie Housser in Canada, Callie Housser, Jessi Kuehl in USA, and Sarah Mason, Shannon Laing, Jo Presly and every female member of team UK.

Do you have a most memorable goal you have ever scored?  If so, describe in detail.

yes I do = 2011” World Championship vs Bermuda the defenseman and goalie get #dangle to the ground and inside and out = you can #youtube it : along with couple other nice goals on my 99” christmas remix =

What’s the toughest loss you’ve ever had to suffer in the World’s?  What about in your tournament career?

In 2007 we #UK Great Britain loss 21-0 to Slovakia (not something to talk about) and in 2004 Canadian National Championship Final my club team #MidnightExpress was up 3-0 with a period to go … and loss 5-3 to Montreal Red Lite in which the game ended in a bench brawl.

How happy are you with the way the sport of organized street hockey has evolved over the past 10 years?  Has it exceeded your expectations?

yes and no – I love that here in Canada the Canadian Nationals are every year in a different province and at the World level the World Championships are every 2 years in a different country and each year in march is the North Americans in Philly = so it has evolved ,but recently it has become crazy with 2 Canadian CBHA/NBHAC in Canada and now 2 World ISBHF/WBHF Championships which has cause conflict for Canada and USA not to mention countries all over the world. I believe it should be all under 1 organization – but also understand because the World ,Canada and USA. is so BIG – room for more than 1 organization to work. = just work together and if not together ,around each other – hold events on different dates and location give the paying$ players the option to attend 1 or all events.

Canada is one of the most organized countries in the sport when it comes to nationals and tournaments.  Do you think that gives you guys a huge advantage over America and the Europeans when it comes to developing talent?

again yes and no – we just have way more leagues here in Canada so gives us a little advantage ,but the world is catching up in the sport in Europe and USA. – soooo much talent out in the World.

What does the sport of ball hockey need to make the leap to the next level?  What do you think the next level is?

money. more sponsors and financial support for cost $ because hard to see it becoming a professional sport – that is the #dream , but best case is maybe 1 day #ballhockey becoming a #Olympic sport or as I said: we need to get some help with #money to help in cost $ for countries attend World Championships and other events for the sport to take the next level.

Some people have called you an ambassador for the sport because of your heavy social media presence.  How has social media helped you develop the Chrissy Morrison brand?

lol Chrissy Morrison #brand = I wish … I love the sport and play in events all over Canada ,USA. and the World is the key to the ambassador part and now with yes social media /f/acebook and /t/witter = follow me by the way : @chrissyMAGIC99 – I am pretty much always on #computer with sports betting and pools so social media has help me *my brand* in a BIG way gain friends and yes #fans in the sport.

When you post on social media, you are very very hashtag heavy.  Why is that?

for everyone who knows me : from days of Msn messenger and just from pen and paper = I was hashtagging before the days of #facebook and #twitter = and everyone expects it now: I do it anyway ,but again : it’s expected #now

What does the sport of Ball Hockey need more of from its star players like yourself?

I think a #voice and #presence = star players need to get the word out and show up and attend events to get the word out and display for peers and fans how great this #sport is : = and with social media and attending more events all the star players can work together to promote and grow the sport even more.

Top 5 dream team of NHL players currently and a goalie.

D – Chara BOS and Subban MON / FW – Crosby PIT – Ovechkin WAS – Datsyuk DET / and a mention to my fav Kadri TOR / G – Quick LA

Same thing for ball hockey…

Mens Team / on D – Andrew Hildreth USA #stud #solid and Chicky Mentis CAN #legend #leader / FW – Steve Gregory USA #roadrunner #speed #snipe – Bobby Housser USA #dangles #snipe and #goodfriend – Tremblett CAN #5tool #linemate and #goodfriend – and a mention to #myself \o * / G – Vorse USA for #fundraising and * Ali Cree UK would be my #manager he is a ball hockey god in #organizing #management and #leadership

Ladies Team / on D – Sarah Mason UK #beauty and for the #humor and #fun and Katie Housser USA/CAN #warrior and #beautiful and #dearfriend / FW – Callie Housser USA 1 of my #favs #crush and #dearfriend – Kelly Sabatine CAN #skill off the charts #beauty – Kristy Morgan CAN 1 of my #favs #crush #beautiful #dearfriend and for the #drinking and life of the #party #need a #newf / – and a mention to Shannon Laing UK #young #youthful #beautiful #potentialstar / G – Laura Guiducci CAN 1 of my #favs #crush #beauty and can also play out.  and Michel Bodaly CAN/ITA as my #coach #beauty #crush #passion #bestsmile in the sport!

Any plans to get into the coaching side of the game?

yes and no – I got plans to help run the sport in future.

Is it true that some teams have paid you to play for them during tournaments?  If yes, do you think getting paid for tournaments is going to start getting more and more popular as the tournaments get larger and the competition gets tougher?

no truth” – sometimes teams will charge me nothing 2play and take care of my entry = thats totally up to the teams and players about being or not being paid.

What is your biggest regret in life?

no regrets really – 1 day at a time #lovelife love my #family #sports and the #ladies

What motivates you to be the best or to get better at anything?

I believe I am good at a number of things = but you can always get better to be the best. and if you become the best , you need to get better to stay there.  You have to believe that you can always get better.  That’s my #motivation.

What is the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn in life and what is the hardest victory you’ve ever achieved?

I learn a number of lesson’s already = but I feel I will learn that hardest lesson still 1 day – the day I become a parent.  I believe my hardest victory will come when I find that special someone and have a #child

What’s the best Canadian beer out there?

to a #canadian = it’s any #beer 😀

(Author’s note: Spelling and grammar left as is because #MrMorrison has #earned that #rite)