Terri Milby has been around the sport for quite some time. It started when she started working at the Family Fun Spot in Aston, Pa. She began playing in 1997 and eventually got into the tournament circuit. Terri has worked at local rinks for the past 20 years and enjoys being around the game and players. She has had the opportunity to play for the Women’s Master’s Team and was found throughout Banff, Alberta during the ISBHF’s 2016 Master’s World Ball Hockey Championship capturing memories for the Men’s teams.

Terri started taking pictures at a few games to practice using her camera. Players then started asking her to do photos for them at their tournaments. Her love for photography just grew from there. When shooting hockey it’s about the rivalries, hearing the stories from the players and being able to capture those great moments. Milby stated, “I was honored to experience the World Master’s Tournament as a player and also photograph the games in Banff. It was such a memorable week.”

Lake Moraine Banff, Alberta

Team USA Players


Team USA Game

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Men’s Master’s Division General Manager Anthony Cillo announces Assistant General Manager

Being around the teams as much as she is it also comes as no surprise that Terri will not only be the official Photographer for ASHI, but she will also be joining the Men’s Master’s Division as Assistant GM. General Manager Anthony Cillo announced that Terri Milby would be assisting him with the 2018 Men’s Master’s team. Terri commented, “I’m honored to be chosen for the position. Working with Anthony Cillo will be a great experience and I look forward to the challenge.

We asked if she felt any pressure as a woman working in the Men’s division and she responded, “I don’t really feel more pressure being a woman. I’ve been around the hockey world for so long working, playing or organizing teams that the guys feel like an extended family. They treat me like a sister and I’m comfortable working with them.