Cory_HerschkASHI Men’s USA Team has put themselves in a good position after Day 3 of the World Ball Hockey Championships in Zug, Switzerland. We had a chance to ask coach Cory Herschk a couple questions regarding the team through two games.

After 2 games what would you like your team to improve upon going into your next pool game vs. Portugal?

Discipline! The guys without question are working hard, and for the most part, out working our opponents to help set the tempo. But penalties away from the ball or play have us killing more than necessary and it’s getting us out of rhythm. Mental discipline too. We’ve had our fair share of extra stick handling, passes that are putting teammates in difficult situations to make plays, and some out of position miscues. All correctable.

How do you keep your team grounded after a big win over Slovakia and a dominant performance against Pakistan?

We take pride in the accomplishment for the time being, and then prepare for Portugal. We have team goals, which we are trying to meet; can’t meet them if we act like we’ve won the gold after only two wins.  Pride and Humility go a long way in sports.

The coaching staff has to feel pretty good getting off to a good start, can you talk a little about your assessment of the team and the tournament thus far?

Our coaching staff and players are thrilled, including myself. Couldn’t be happier with this start. We knew that if we worried about Team USA only, and we held ourselves accountable then we could reach 2 and 0. It’s an amazing atmosphere here in Zug with 5,000 plus fans and without question the world’s top talent. Anyone who knows hockey can see that. But the atmosphere in our locker-room may be even greater than the ora around this venue.

Thank you for your time coach.

Men’s continue Pool A play tomorrow at 2:00PM eastern time versus Portugal who also has a 2-0 record after beating Pakistan 6-1 and Finland 4-0.