Beautiful Banff, Alberta, Canada is where the 2016 ISBHF Masters World Ball Hockey Championships are taking place in this coming June. The United States is send two Women’s Masters team, Team Blue and Team Red, just as they did at the 2014 ISBHF Masters World Championships in Tampa, FL. The Red Team will have a brand new coaching staff this time around.

2014 Team USA Womens Masters Red


The Head Coach is Scott MacQuarrie of Falls Church, VA. Scott had this to say about his chance to lead the Red Team in Banff:

“Over my long hockey career I have played and coached with so many incredible people, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  Coaching at this level, representing the red, white and blue, with this special group of players is simply an honor and privilege;  I honestly never thought I’d have such an opportunity. I look forward to and will cherish the entire experience with all the players and coaches. I am proud of the team we’ve got going as this team exudes so much more than talent that makes it successful- leadership, character, love and respect for the game. They are a tenacious bunch, who truly enjoy playing, and their excitement shows how special this event really is.”

Scott MacQuarrie, Falls Church, VA


Scott will be joined by three Assistant Coaches – Jackie Spiegel of Brooklyn, NY, Jacob Denne of Pittsburgh, PA, and Chris Howdeshell of Washington, DC.

Jackie Spiegel, Brooklyn, NY


Jacob Denne, Pittburgh, PA


Chris Howdeshell, Washington, DC


“It’s an honor and a privilege to be named a member of the coaching staff for the 2016 Women’s Masters Red team. I look forward to bringing my coaching knowledge, and experience as a player on the 2014 Women’s Masters Red team, to the rink as I work with my fellow coaches and our talented team to obtain our goal.” said Jackie Spiegel.

“I’m honored to be selected to coach the forwards for the Masters Red Team and represent my country in this tournament.” added Jacob Denne.

Said Chris Howdeshell “It’s obviously an honor to be asked to coach a team representing your country at an international event like this, and I hope my hockey experience will help improve our players, and put them in a better position to succeed in Banff and their play in the future. I’d also be foolish not to try to learn from them and improve myself, as well.”

We also talked with all four coaches about what they believe will be the keys to success for their team in Banff.

Said Mr. Denne – “In order for the team to be successful and reach our goals, we need to be aggressive and attack at every opportunity, get off to a great start in the tournament, and continue to build chemistry on and off the rink.”

Added Ms. Spiegel – “While proper ball management, positioning and executing our game plan are essential, communication is critical to any teams success. Without it all of the other elements can, and will, fall apart. I know we have some of the most talented and hardest working players in the country on our team, but with our limited experience playing together this aspect of our game is of the utmost importance. Our communication will bond us as a team, and with our strong group of players and solid staff, I look forward to accomplish great things in Banff.”

Head Coach Scott MacQuarrie emphasized the important aspect of fundamentals.

“Approaching this from a unified team direction. We are focusing on this by having fun on and off the court and being supportive of each other’s’ play so that it carries over into improvement for each game. With the limited time to play together going into the tourney, we’ve been addressing some of the basic fundamentals of the game so that we can set the ladies up to be as successful as possible, together. Our goal is to compete to the very best of our abilities and everyone comes back having a positive experience that will influence the next group of players who are considering the USA program.”

Mr. Howdeshell emphasized the importance of winning the individual aspects of the game – “I think the keys to our team’s success are going to be team play, communication (especially in our defensive zone), and hard work on the rink. We can teach and implement the best system in the world, but the players still have to go out and win battles.”.

The 2016 ISBHF Masters World Ball Hockey Championships begin on June 1, 2016 in Banff, Alberta, Canada. ASHI will be there to bring you fantastic coverage.