The Windy City Winter Cup on January 9th to 11th at the Salt Creek Sports Center in Palatine, IL was a great event and held at a top notch facility.  The Dek Hockey division was comprised of 6 teams; with the previous champion Cobras looking to retain their title.  After the round robin and playoffs the Cobras played the PA Minutemen.

Below is the write up from the Tournament Directors, Marc Costanza and Pete Messina:

“The Dek Hockey championship was by far the best one we saw all day.  It was such a tight match up, with the Minutemen capitalizing on two great opportunities in front of the net.  This was a great goal tending battle to watch.  The great coaching by George Tarantino of the Minutemen paid off in this game by containing the Cobras to the outsides of the offensive zone.  It was a smart play because the Cobras had some really deadly snipers on their team.  The Minutemen goalie stood tall all game, and unfortunately lost his shutout at the near end of the game on a lucky bounce.  Things got very heated at the end, and luckily for the Minutemen they kept their composure!  All in all this was a very skilled, emotional, and physical match up, but the defensive strategy (and stellar goal tending) won the Minutemen the Winter Cup Trophy!”

Great tournament Marc and Pete and hopefully next year your tournament continues to grow and attract more out of town teams because the local teams are talented and can compete with the best!

Chicago Champs