Scotty VenezialeScott Veneziale was named Tournament Most Valuable Defensemen in the U18 division. His team brought home the bronze medal from Slovakia. He sits down with us to talk about his experience..

What was it like during the build up to the tournament at the camp?

The build up to the camp was a lot of hard work, running, practicing, playing as many games I could, eating healthy and traveling to tournaments to play with teammates so we can get the feel of playing together.

How did the coaches coach you guys up at the camp?

The coaches worked with us on systems, drills, power play lines, breakouts and individual structure.

What was the feeling overall when you left camp for the airport?

I had many mixed emotions, excited and nervous to step on a big stage for a sport I love and not know what to expect but what I did know is I had a whole team of greatness behind me.

The first game against Slovakia, powerhouse team, what did you guys tell yourselves?

We kept telling ourselves to play our game, move the ball , run them down and keep it a simple game.

After the first game, how did you feel?

I felt good after the first game we stayed with them but we still needed work on our small breakdowns in the defensive zone.

What was it like to beat Canada in the bronze?  Describe your emotions.

To beat Canada was an amazing feeling knowing they were going home with nothing and we were leaving with the Bronze was a huge accomplishment.

What did you see on your goal from the blue line in that game?  Why did you rip it?

My goal was because my team moved the ball so well and when they passed it back to me I had the open shot so I took it with my hopes of my team screening the goalie or them getting the rebound.

What about ASHI in general as far as getting two teams over to Slovakia for this tournament. What do you think about the job they did?

Chris Banks and Ricky Laperriere were exceptional in leadership, organizing and communicating from planning the trip to the end, along with equipment and uniforms we couldn’t ask for two better people to run it.

Talk about the job your coaches did all week.

We had 3 coaches who each played a part and had their own position on the bench. Each coach had to know what lines had to go out, who to play, the better players on the other team for match ups, and how to boost our confidence and get us psyched for the games.

Last question, Scott Tarzy was instrumental in this entire process.  What are your thoughts on how Scott handled this process considering you are the first ever U18 team to go?

Mr. Tarzy showed great leadership and management, the time and dedication he put into this team was very appreciative. He was always on top of things and anything we needed he helped with. Also during the trip he looked out for each player as they were his own.

I would like to thank the American Street Hockey Institute organization for all their hard work, dedication and giving us the opportunity to play the game we love and to represent our country. I would like to thank the coaches for their time and hard work for bringing us together and making us a team. To all the parents who made the trip thank you for all your support and looking out for us. To all parents, family and friends who supported us from home thank you for believing in us. Lastly, to my team thank you for becoming a “family”.