Julia_BronsonProfile Info:
Birthdate – 8/31/87
Height – 5’10”
Position – Center
Shooting hand – Right
Hometown – Arlington, VA

Wearing the A for this women’s team is an honor, does this change your role on the team?

Being a leader is difficult with such a talented group of women. I believe this team has many leaders with their own respective methods that will contribute to the teams overall success. I am going to try my hardest and do the best that I possibly can to help win the gold!

How have you prepared for this event? Physically and mentally?

I’ve drawn on past workout and game experiences from college hockey as well as the USA ball hockey workout program to help mentally and physically prepare for this upcoming tournament.

Do you feel any added pressure knowing that everyone state side expects this team to do well?

Due to my past hockey experiences, I’ve learned to just focus on small tangible goals to achieve long term goals. This allows me to ignore the background pressure and focus on the games.

What are some personal and team goals you have set?

As I mentioned above, I focus on the little things. Personal goals are making sure my feet are moving every shift as well as helping my teammates generate creativity and momentum in every game. Team goals are VICTORY! 🙂