Name: Eleni Aidonidis
Age: 28
Height: 5′ 2″
Hometown: Winchendon, Massachusetts
Shoot: Right
Position: Wing, Defense
Club Team: Girls on Top



01. Wearing the ‘A’ for this women’s team is an honor, does this change your role on the team?

Wearing an A on my jersey is an absolute honor. I believe my role is to inspire and motivate. However, I would do this with or without an A on my jersey. I truly care about this program and about our team, so in essence, I do not think my role has changed at all. I have always been myself on and off the rink.

02. How have you prepared for this event? Physically and Mentally?

Preparing for this event was really tough. I am committed to a lot of things at the school I teach at and I am also in graduate school. I started incorporating our USA work outs in my girls lacrosse practice as far as warm ups and sprints go so that I could do them with my team and then go directly to the gym after a practice. The reality is sometimes there wasn’t enough time in the day and it is exhausting. However, you just push yourself to do it because you know your team is depending on you. So that is where the mental aspect comes in. We are all depending on each other to be at our best. I have been to Worlds before so I am fully aware the amount of endurance, effort and exhaustion comes in one shift. I know what it feels like to lose a game and be devastated because it was our last chance. However, I know the feeling of glory from winning a game and the enormous pride you feel listening to the national anthem. So that is the goal, the goal is to reach that feeling. Physically and mentally, you do it for your team and you do it for your country.

03. Do you feel any added pressure knowing that everyone state side expects this team to do well?

I think everyone is expecting this team to do well because we have the potential to do so. Our women’s team has evolved over the past two years and people have invested a lot of time into this program. Each player has put an extraordinary amount of effort to make this team what it is. I would have to say this is the best ball hockey team I have ever been a part of. Is there added pressure? I would say no. Again, I believe in this team, we know what the goal is; we all know what it is going to take to get there. People state side are going to see that. We are ready.

04. What are some personal and team goals you have set?

My personal goal and team goal is the same, to win the gold medal with my team for the United States of America. My personal goal was to be in the best shape possible before heading to Switzerland. My goal is in Switzerland is to be the best leader and player I can be. I want to do better than I did at the last Worlds. I want to score more and player harder than I ever thought possible. I hope that my efforts for the past two years demonstrate this when we start playing games. Again, the team goal is to win gold. However, we need to take each game at a time first. We need to work together as a team to win each game and I have the confidence that this team is fully capable of doing that.