Alessandra_GlistaUSA Goaltender Alessandra Glista brings a wealth of experience to the women’s program and will help this team tremendously on and off the rink.  She has been a main stay between the pipes for the USA program and hopes to lead this talented women’s team to a Gold Medal.

Wearing the A for this women’s team is an honor, does this change your role on the team?

I have been part of the US program since it started in Germany in 2007 and have seen the women’s game grow during that time. This is the first time I will be wearing an A at Worlds and it is truly an honor to be selected as one of the Assistant Captains for the Women’s Team. I have always felt that being a part of the US team is a special responsibility. We have traveled to different countries and have the honor of showing other teams and host countries what America represents. That is what we all strive to do and I feel it’s our responsibility as Captains to make sure that shines and to also make sure my teammates and coaches really enjoy this special time. So my role on the team has been the same. To ensure that we work together, we respect each other and our opponents and we put our best selves into what we do and we are proud to say we gave it everything.

How have you prepared for this event? Physically and mentally?

The women’s team was given an amazing strength and conditioning program by Jason Feariheller. He adapted my program for some of the things I wanted to work on personally as a goalie. I train 5 days a week at Strength Discovery, MA who donated a gym membership to me. I play on a men’s dek hockey team which helps me work on my footwork, speed and control of the shots. Our women’s club team has played in several big tournaments and that’s where I work on my mental game. I try and follow the same preparation I would at Worlds to get my mind and body prepare for battle so once I am there, it’s a very familiar feeling.

Do you feel any added pressure knowing that everyone state side expects this team to do well?

I don’t think there is added pressure as we generally put a lot of pressure on ourselves. We all want the same thing and we are all working very hard to prepare for the exceptional competition at worlds. It’s the best of the best and our focus has been on competing since our first tryout camp. Our coaches have put a plan in place and we plan on executing it. We believe in them and we believe in each other.

What are some personal and team goals you have set?

The goals have always been the same since 2007. It’s very simple. We each give our very best every time we step on the rink so, at the end of the tournament, the last song played will be our National Anthem, while gold medals are around my family’s necks.