Jim DaughertyCity : Pittsburgh, PA
Age : 29 Years Old
Weight : 175
Height : 5’6
Main position: Center
Shoot : Right
Club Team: Pittsburgh Gods

Pittsburgh’s Jim Daugherty is no stranger to big stages. His current club team the Gods have been on a roll as of late, winning the Clash of the Titans tournament in St. Catherine’s, Canada and the first two U.S. Mens A tournaments (Super Bowl bye week and North American championships). Jim also has tasted victory on the international level, winning the Gold medal with Team USA in 2006 at the 4th World Junior Street & Ball Hockey Championship in Aosta, Italy.

Wearing the A for this men’s team is an honor, does this change your role on the team?

Being the alternate captain for Team USA is a huge honor and won’t really change anything I do. I’ve always been very vocal on every team I’ve been on.

How have you prepared for this event? Physically and mentally?

I have been preparing for this tournament before I even made the team. Just a lot of running and dropping weight. Don’t think you can really prepare mentally for this, just have to have your body prepared for a long fight.

Do you feel any added pressure knowing that everyone state side expects this team to do well?

There is a little pressure for sure. A lot of time was put into this team by a lot of people. So of course there’s pressure..

What are some personal and team goals you have set?

I have no personal goals. Just want to play well. Team goal is obviously Gold. This team in our 2 camps have become pretty close, and I believe we work hard for each other. I believe we deserve a good outcome, but we have to work for it.