Denny Schlegel.jpgThe Buffalo Fusion ball hockey team is one of the best in North America and Denny Schlegel is a huge part of the team’s success.  Denny is a defensemen’s worst nightmare; Captain Andrew Hildreth when asked who he hated playing against had Schlegel at the top of the list.  A natural goal scorer with speed and a tremendous hockey IQ, Schlegel has made a lasting impression at previous international events.  In 2009 Denny was named the World’s Top Ball Hockey Player in Pilsen, Czech Republic and then in 2011 took the scoring title at the World Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia.

ASHI President Chris Banks has seen first hand the abilities of Denny Schlegel so he was asked the following questions:

What separates Denny from the other top scorers in the World?

What separates Denny is that no matter where he is on the rink, when the ball touches his stick, you are in grave danger of being scored on.

What characteristics make him a good alternate captain for this men’s team?

What makes him a great alternate captain is not what he will say to his teammates, but what he does on the rink. After thousands of hockey games, he still dives in front of shots, back checks like a fourth liner and gives everything he has every shift. He’s the best ball hockey player in the world. ”

We then asked Denny a couple questions regarding the upcoming World Championships in Zug, Switzerland:

This isn’t your first time going to World’s. Do you still get nervous?

Even though this is my 4th World Championships yes I do still get a little nervous but nothing to extreme, I want to win gold for our country and that is where it can get you a little nerve wrecking.

Olympic Village, World’s, Switzerland, a very strong Men’s team – How exciting is this for you?

I have no words to explain how excited I am for Switzerland. Everything I read online and seen pictures of in Zug are unreal. The arena and Olympic village are state of the art. I just can’t wait for that atmosphere and for the games to start.

What does it mean to you to where the A for this team?

Everybody on our roster is a captain in my eyes we all want the best for each other but to be named a captain means everything to me knowing I will have the A on my chest for our country, and makes it extra special knowing I was voted a captain by my teammates.

After the camp and the Canada games the team played do you feel this team is ready to make noise this year?

Oh yeah, this team has great skill at every position and it showed in Canada. It’s always good to have 4 lines that can produce every game, 8 defenseman that can lock it down and also score, and of course 3 world-class goaltenders.

What are your personal and team goals?

GOLD!!!!! GOLD!!!!!! GOLD!!!!!