This Fundraiser is to help out Team USA ball hockey and help to send us to Switzerland in June 2015 for the World Ball Hockey Championships. For this fundraiser every dollar that is donated a member of Team USA will have to video themselves doing push ups. The person who makes the donation will decide which player on the team they would like to see do the push ups, that player than sends the video to their facebook page or email address.

When making the donation in the info box put in the players name, and your first and last name and wait for your video!

Donation link: Push Ups Fundraiser

Players and Staff to choose from:

Tyler Caba
Nick Caponi
Matt Caron
Mike Colcord
Doug Croteau
Jim Daugherty
Justin Dunnivan
Steve Gregory
Aaron Hahne
Chris Haynes
Andrew Hildreth
Freddy Hunt
Brandon Jones
Chris Liebers
Josh Merchant
Dave Molitierno
John Petito
Andrew Pruitt
Jon Rethage
Jason Rocha
Jon Ruiz
Denny Schlegel
Bill Sullivan
Korey Wilson
Rick Zimmick

George Tarantino
Cory Herschk
Mike Zambon
Chris Banks – Let’s make a push to get this guy on the floor putting in work!

Thank you for all of your support!
Donation link: Push Ups Fundraiser