Bill Sullivan
Pittsburgh, PA
Tournament Team
GPDC Arsenal
Current Team
2017 Men’s Team USA
Past Teams
2015 Men's World Ball Hockey Championship, 2017 Men's World Ball Hockey Championship

What is your first hockey memory?

-Playing for the Canadians in Chipmunk in-house on rink 1 at Penn Hills Dek Hockey when I was 4.

When did you start playing ball hockey/hockey in general?

-When I was 4, in the great in-house Chipmunk league at Penn Hills Dek Hockey.

Are there ball hockey leagues near your home? If so, which one did you grow up playing in?

-Yes, there are a number of leagues. But in my opinion the best and most competitive league is the PPL (Pittsburgh Premier League) which is held at our rink in Penn Hills at GPDC. One season we had over 20 former or current Team USA Junior and Men’s Team representatives playing. There is always only 4-5 teams, but it is great hockey and the most well rounded hockey. I may be byist because it’s at our rink, but it truly is good hockey.

How did you hear about ASHI and the USA Ball Hockey team?

-This is my 6th ISBHF Men’s or Junior event, and 7th World Championship. So when ASHI took control of the National team, a number of us funneled into the organization. They have been doing an excellent job with the national teams in my opinion.

What has been your favorite part of being a part of the USA program thus far?

-There are a number of great things about being a National Team player. It is always a tremendous honor. But at this point in my career, I just want to win a Men’s Gold Medal. Winning that medal will be my favorite part of being apart of the Team USA program. Everything else is just attractive decoration and a bonus.

Have you ever been to Europe? (Switzerland)

-Looking forward to playing in Switzerland. I’ve played in Italy, Germany, Czech¬† Republic, and Slovakia. It is always a thrill, but I am looking forward to Switzerland the most because of the potential atmosphere and our team and the venue. I’ve also been to Russia, but hands down I am most eager about Switzerland. Beautiful country, The Alps i here are visually very impressive, decent art culture, and again our team is top notch so it adds to my anticipation to visit the beautiful country.

What is the most exciting thing about playing in a foreign country? (Switzerland)

-Playing in front of the fans. Hands down. Foreign countries pack the house for World’s, as they should. And it helps elevate everyone’s game in a big way. Plus you are playing the best, so the tournament overall is what is so exciting. But as a tourist in these countries, it’s always great to take in the sights and eat the food. I always visit a museum or gallery, and eat something that i can’t pronounce.

What are you most looking forward to?

-Winning the gold medal.

2015 Men's World Ball Hockey Championship


2017 Men's World Ball Hockey Championship

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