Winchendon, MA 8/15/14 — General Manager Chris Banks announced today that the American Street Hockey Institute has partnered with MJ Corp who will serve as the official apparel provider and online store of ASHI and all the USA Ball Hockey teams – Mens, Womens, Juniors, and Masters.  MJ Corp and ASHI recently came together after a sponsorship coordinator contacted MJ Corp through a mutual contact and then put MJ Corp in touch with Mr. Banks.  Their partnership represents another huge step forward or ASHI and the National Ball Hockey programs as MJ Corp is one of the most well known online store and apparel providers on the East Coast.  For MJ Corp, this is also a significant win as they now enter the street and ball hockey market and can build a strong brand early in the sports development.  This will help develop their brand as they seek out new markets for expansion and revenue.  A quick but thorough cost/benefit analysis put together by MJ Corp revealed the tremendous upside the burgeoning market and that was something they did not want to pass up.

The online store address is

MJ Corp was established in the 1950’s by George Madosky Sr. as a retail store called Masion Jaques.  Masion Jaques was a retail company that sold and repaired leather products and luggage.  In the early 90’s, Masion Jaques evolved into an Ad Specialty Company, which now is known as MJ Corp.  George’s son Robert took over the business several years back.  Recently, John Dikmak joined Robert as a partner at MJ Corp in 2009.  Over the past couple years they have transitioned into a multi-faceted company that now services five distinct areas of business:

  • Corporate and Government Promotional Products
  • Team Uniforms and Hard Goods
  • Wholesale Embellishment
  • Fulfillment Opportunities
  • Direct Importing

They also serve as an online store provider for many different types of businesses, and will serve as the official online store provider for the American Street Hockey Institute.  Information and Media Director Chris Bokuniewicz had been searching for an online store provider since the beginning of the year.

“Part of our vision here at ASHI is to allow fans of the sport, not just the players, the ability to feel like a bigger part of the sport because they are so important to us through the unwavering support they provide for tournaments, leagues, and the national programs.  We believe offering them up certified, high quality, licensed apparel through a proven online vendor will help accomplish that goal.” said Mr. Bokuniewicz.  “Anybody can slap a logo on a shirt or a hat and get it printed.  That’s the easy part.  The hard part is making sure the product quality and most importantly your customer support doesn’t decrease as orders increase and demands increase.  We believe with the turnaround of the National Team USA programs there is going to be significant demand for Team USA officially licensed apparel, and MJ Corp has shown that they can deliver the types of high quality and affordable products we want to offer to the community.  [GM of Hockey Operations] Chris Banks and I spoke with several potential vendors over the past few months and looked a few online demos of stores.  What MJ Corp showed us is that they weren’t just looking to make a quick buck. They believe and share in our vision and want to be a part of the explosive growth of this sport.  And at the end of the day, that’s what we want here at ASHI, partners.  Not just vendors and associated.  I look forward to working with them closely to get our products out to the public as soon as possible.  We’re expecting product to be available for shipping within the next 2 months after our first couple of orders are placed.”

MJ Corp Team Sales Manager Tim Trotman was excited as well.  “It really was an easy decision to team up with ASHI, opportunities like this don’t come along too often. Getting in on the ground floor of something is always exciting. The team side of our business is constantly growing and expanding, and with the national attention ASHI receives, it will certainly help us reach out to a national audience.  We have the experience of working with some pretty elite company including teams in the Atlantic Baseball League, National Lacrosse League and the Arena Football League. And, we are very proud to add ASHI to that list. We cover all sports, on all fields, at all levels. From head to toe, we can outfit entire teams on any budget.  Our online store is a perfect fit for anyone and everyone. We’ve really made the ordering process simple and easy…hey, who doesn’t love that!! At MJ Corp, we pride ourselves in quality and customer service and a happy customer with a unique piece of apparel is always the goal.”

Said GM Chris Banks – “One of the areas for growth we think has been very underserved in the past has been officially licensed apparel.  People want to feel like they are a part of something, that they share a common belief and vision.  And of course, friends and family of Team USA players want to show their support for the sport and players as well.  Over the past year we’ve been inundated with requests from the community for instructions on how people can buy apparel or where they can order.  It became quite clear there was more demand than I initially suspected.  So Chris [Bokuniewicz], Mike DeFazio (Assistant GM of Hockey Operations) and I talked about what would best serve the community, and the consensus became a proven online vendor as opposed to handling this ourselves.  Really no reason to reinvent the wheel here with the amount of online stores now in existence.  When we got to MJ Corp, it was evident very early they saw what we see with the potential of the sport, and their staff was top notch.  We had some other vendors who really wanted this opportunity but the three of us felt like MJ Corp fit the best.  I’m very happy to partner with them.”

Mike DeFazio added – “We get requests all the time for apparel ordering and questions such as ‘When will there be an online store?’ I can remember back in the Summer of 2013 after the World Championships in St. John’s, it seemed like we were fielding questions every day and that is when it became apparent to me that there was real demand here.  I think MJ Corp is a terrific selection and I can’t wait for the community to be able to order from them and get the officially licensed apparel.  They really make high quality products and their online store ordering system is very stable and one of the easiest I’ve ever used.”

“Our store is dynamic and new product will be added in the coming weeks.  We will accept feedback from fans and players as to what product they want to see on the site.  All they have to do is email or reach out to Phelps Trobaugh or Mike DeFazio.” said Chris Bokuniewicz.