Junior Team USA Press Coverage in Massachusetts

Friday le 25 July 2014

Sentinel and Enterprise ran a great article on the Massachusetts kids...


Penn Hills players capture bronze at ball-hockey championships

Saturday le 19 July 2014

Penn Hills players made up a full 20 percent of the U-20 men's national team in the 2014 World Junior Ball Hockey Championships.


New Era Cap Company joins with the American Street Hockey Institute

Friday le 18 July 2014

General Manager Chris Banks announced today that the American Street Hockey Institute is proud to have selected the New Era Cap company, as the official cap provider for the American Street Hockey Institute and all the USA Ball Hockey teams.


ASHI joins with Shark Media & Sport as official website provider!

Thursday le 17 July 2014

ASHI is proud to announce a partnership with Shark Media & Sport, one of North America's premier web hosting & design organizations.


Masters National Players Take Aim at NHL's Shot Speed Record

Tuesday le 8 July 2014

Can 108 miles per hour be topped?


Masters USA National Team Program Kicks Off Camp

Monday le 7 July 2014

First camp for Team DC and Team USA takes place in Pottstown, PA...


U20 and U18 both take home Bronze Medals

Sunday le 29 June 2014

Congratulations to both teams! This is the first time the USA has medals TWO TEAMS in the World Juniors!


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