Mike ZambonAssistant GM position will have a variety of duties…

Men’s GM George Tarantino announced today that he has filled the Assistant GM position with former 2013 Men’s Team USA Goalie and current ASHI Rules & Competition Committee Chairman Mike Zambon.

“I am honored Mike has decided to join our staff. In terms of job requirements, Mike is perfectly suited. He has deep love for this game, which is the perfect starting point. Through my years of knowing Mike, he has always treated people with the utmost respect, and has been a genuinely good person. Building this team will require alot of interaction with players, coaches and other people involved in the game. Going along with a storied goal-tending career here in the USA, Mike has also participated in a world’s championship tournament. His understanding of our opponents in the world championships, experience and knowledge of this game, and vast knowledge of today’s players will only add to our overall ability to build the best team we can. Lastly, we share a desire to discover new players not based in the Northeast, California or Florida, as we already have a good knowledge of the players from those areas.”

Said Mr. Zambon – “I thank George for the consideration and look forward to working with and supporting the program and what I think will be a great group of guys.”

Said ASHI GM of Hockey Operations Chris Banks – “This is a big win for Team USA.  Mike has proven to be a valuable resource to our team thus far with his knowledge of the game and the players, and I think that knowledge is going to serve George and Head Coach Cory Herschk well in Zug, Switzerland in 2015.  There’s a lot of talent in the sport right now and Mike will be a big help to George and Cory in making sure that Team USA has the right talent.”