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A message from Mr. Gortsos regarding the ISBHF Conference in Switzerland last week…

From the Alps to our Ball Hockey Family,

Leave it to the Swiss. I start 2014 talking about 2015 only to return to 2014. This is the way the weekend went. One great story after another. So we begin how it started. The Swiss Federation and the Zug Tournament Committee team totally impressed the delegates from around the ISBHF family with the venues that they have in place and are planning for WC 2015. From the incredible Bossard Arena which holds 8000 spectators, to the adjoining other two rinks, to the tent they are building outside the arena to have nightly music and festival as the players, coaches, referees and fans finish their daily ball hockey fix. To top it off the Alps are always in your view and the beautiful city of Zug awaits, with a panoramic lake, many restaurant’s and pubs, and interesting walks through the old and new part of the town which is the capital of this Swiss region. Certainly all players should know it is a great venue for an event, and the Swiss are ready like the best Swiss watch.

I am also proud to say that the support I garnered along with our ISBHF board was very humbling for all of us. It was an election year, and to be a President for a second term, and to continue on our Core Values for what is important for the sport is something the leaders of the ISBHF all agree on.  We had some very key meeting’s with some very important sport bodies in Switzerland and will continue the work to make the sport have a solid future. I can tell our ISBHF family that all of us leaders are very much on the same page and working as one!!

The large meetings brought many worthwhile discussions.  And we went over all our events.  We see that our World Juniors in Bratislava will have more countries and teams than at any time in our history and the Slovaks are ready to put a great show on for our ISBHF youth. U-20 will have 8-10 teams, and U-16, U18 will have 6-8.  This is just a great occurrence for our event and the World Juniors.

We also had a presentation from Nitra, Slovakia, home of President Jozef Stumpel and World Champion Stanislav Petrik.  They came to Zug to show us that they want to have a World leading tournament for the 2014 World Cup in late August.  We have many club teams that will be attending from many nations. And this also promises to be are largest event ever with 9-10 nations indicating they will send club teams.

Finally to the warm sun, and our more experienced players.  We look to have a field of 18 Men’s and Women’s teams attending our Master’s in the USA.  This is our biggest Masters ever, and also the first World Championship for our Women members.  Tampa Bay will be the place for our Masters festival in
September 2014.  And European and North American teams are already booking in and getting ready.

For even more heat in June we are working closely with our Caribbean members and look to moving close to filling that event in June in the Air-conditioned arena in Cayman Islands.  Another great event that will feature great ball hockey and sun and warm water for our ISBHF family.

All these events are on the ISBHF webpage and players, parents, coaches and refs can see all the information on our ISBHF webpage.  Our ISBHF family is keen to deliver top ball hockey events to our members, along with well run and organized events.  Everything is all up on our website as our Organizers are proud to welcome players from the family to these events. No surprises just the truth of what they can expect and enjoy.

In closing our ISBHF board and ISBHF Presidents work for you our players, coaches and referees.  We will work hard to make our 2014 ISBHF events the best we can for you as you enjoy the sport we love.  We wish you all best of success in your training and preparation for the 2014 season.

My best regards,

George Gortsos
ISBHF President