ASHI would like to take a moment to say Merry Christmas to our extended family. The 2015 season is right around the corner and we wish everyone nothing but success! Good luck to our Mens and Womens teams who will be fighting for gold in Zug!

The holiday season is one for giving, being around friends and family. For one couple in our ball hockey community this season took a turn for a scare quickly in early December. Returning home from work the couple discovered their home had been broken into. Jewelry and change were taken but one item in particular was an engagement ring that belonged to his wife’s Mother and was passed down. It was one of few items she had from her Father who had passed away.  Something that just can’t be replaced. The couple was devastated.

The team became aware when they found out he wasn’t going to make it to his draft league game that night. When one of the captains of the team notified the coach about what had happened the two felt it was important the team got involved. A few quick conversations and everyone agreed they’d throw in some money and take up a collection for the couple.

In less than two weeks a collection of money was gathered. On the night of the 23rd a few of the players made an arrangement to stop by the players house for a pre Christmas beer. When the players arrived the couple was just finishing up dishes and as the guys entered the house they asked to have the wife come into the room. Unsuspecting the couple joined the players and a brief statement was made, “We talked to the the other guys on the team and we said we should try and do something to help you guys out. We know there’s nothing we can do about replacing the ring that your Father gave your Mother, but we wanted to do something. So a group of us took up a collection and we wanted to give this to you guys to use for whatever you wanted. We just wanted to do something to show you that this team is a family and that we really care about you guys. So here you go.”

An envelope was handed over and when he saw what was inside he put the envelope down, said I love you guys, and gave the captain a hug. His wife started to cry and then gave each of the players a hug all while saying “you didn’t have to do this”, and all that could be responded was “I know, but we all wanted to do this.”

We decided to share this story because it is a testament of how great our community is and with it being the Christmas season it just seemed fitting to publish this now. Remember, this is a sport, but within this sport we have all created a community of friends and for many a family.

Merry Christmas Everyone!