Team USA Steve Russell

What will you take with you from the Masters tourney in Tampa, FL? Highs?, Lows?

– I’ve had some tough losses, some on a bigger stage, but the one vs Canada really hurts.
What was it like to play against teams from all over the world?

– That aspect was kind of disappointing. There were 11 teams, 6 from North America. I would like to see more countries involved… no Sweden, no Czech, no Swiss, no Finland, NEVER a Russian team in these events.

What was your mindset going into the Saturday night against Team Canada?

– This is why we are here. We knew they were the team to beat. I thought they would have an advantage in that they were all ballhockey, all of the time, where we were mostly dekhockey with some ballhockey tournaments here and there. To me that makes a difference. For example, NFL vs CFL, both football, two very different games. I think the X’s and O’s were to their advantage but I think our conditioning and will to prepare closed that gap. I may be wrong, but I think those guys got on the bus and went to Tampa to play a tournament. Our guys trained HARD, FOR A YEAR.

What was your favorite moment of the tournament?

– Honestly, we lost. I don’t have one. Maybe walking within 15 feet of a real live alligator outside of my hotel.

What one or two things did you do during your training that were keys to your success?

– One of my hamstring tendons became detached last November at Can-Ams. The 1st key was letting it heal. 2nd was eating right and the month and a half of Crossfit that I did. I was at my heaviest the day after the Super Bowl. The day I left for Tampa, I was down 33 lbs.

What do you feel that the US has to do more effectively to be able to capture Gold in 2016?

– Not much, it should have already been captured. Get the same commitment from the guys and a little more familiarity with intricacies of ballhockey.

How would you rate your experience with ASHI? Scale of 1-10 and why?

– 6 We had a disaster with uniforms, the livestream was bad, and there were insecurities about room fees, but they got us there…..
If you could change one thing about the process or the actual event what would it be and why?

– “God Bless America” should be the song that is played when we are introduced and when we win. It’s a song you can actually sing enthusiastically and be proud of. The SSB is a story that is more difficult to sing with emotion. I’m sick of hearing the Canadians sing their song with so much pride. WE have a country to be proud of…. say it loud, say it proud!