Pittsburgh native James Kiesel is returning player from the 2014 Bronze Medal winning U18 Team USA squad.  He’s been elected to serve as an assistant captain on the 2016 U20 Team that will be battling for a medal in Sheffield, UK come July of this year.  Jim loves to root for the Chicago Blackhawks when he’s not dangling opposing defenseman.  A big table tennis player that loves to make his friends look silly when they play him, James is as competitive as they come in this sport.  James is also a huge fan of MMA World Champion Connor Macgregor and enjoys watching Connor in the octagon.  He is also a member of GPDC Arsenal and currently attends community college where he is studying Mechanical Engineering.  Jim gave us a few minutes to talk about the upcoming tournament and his hopes for the U20 team.


Describe what it means for you to be named an Assistant Captain of this team?

I was surprised that I was named an assistant captain of the team but it is a huge honor and I take pride in it.

What are the responsibilities of a captain/alternate?

I think the responsibility of a captain is to keep their teammates in check and to be a leader.

What are the keys to making sure your team will be as successful as it can be at the WJBHC?

The keys to our team being successful is to play as a team and to work as hard as we can on and off the rink.

What style of leadership will you bring?

The style of leadership that I will bring will be leading by example.

Who do you credit for your success as both a person and a hockey player?

I credit my parents for the person and player I am today. The come to every single one of my games and support me.

How do you prepare for games? Are there any superstitions you follow?

I prepare for all of my games by listening to music. I don’t have a specific routine.

You previously played in an ISBHF Junior World Championship in 2014, how will that experience help you in Sheffield?

My experience in the previous world championship will help me and my teammates out because I will be used to the game-style and atmosphere that will be at Sheffield.