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Jaclyn Hawkins Founder of Womens Hockey Life

Womens Hockey Life has released the 2nd article in a series of articles on USA Women’s Ball Hockey Players. Womens Hockey Life was created by Jaclyn after having spent 23 years ‘living her dream’ as a hockey player. Her thoughts behind the site are to allow followers of the site to live their dreams and also follow others living out their dreams. The latest article features Julia Bronson, Forward for the 2015 Women’s USA team that participated in the World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships in Zug, Switzerland.

Jaclyn has a long history in the sport of hockey and has been celebrated with many honors. You can find out more about her on the Womens Hockey Life website. Read  more here

Womens Hockey Life added its first article in this series on Sarah Wilson.  Sarah Wilson Article
Womens Hockey Life article on Julia Bronson. Click here for Julia Bronson Article.

Julia_BronsonJulia Bronson was an Assistant Captain of the 2015 Women’s USA Team. She tallied 4 goals and 4 assists leading the team in points for the tournament. Prior to the tournament Julia had this to say about leadership, “Being a leader is difficult with such a talented group of women. I believe this team has many leaders with their own respective methods that will contribute to the teams overall success. I am going to try my hardest and do the best that I possibly can to help win the gold!”



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