Justin penderThe ISBHF Disciplinary Committee release the results of their investigation into the Justin Bender incident at the 2013 Men’s World Ball Hockey Championships.

At the 2013 ISBHF World Ball Hockey Championships in St. John’s, Newfoundland, the Czech Republic and Canada played in the semifinals.  The Czech Republic won the game 4-1.  The Czech’s scored an empty net goal.  At the ensuing face-off, Canadian Forward Justin Pender (currently playing in the ECHL and having previously played in the OHL) went after a Czech player and proceeded to punch the player repeatedly.  Video of the altercation is here:


This event was unprecendented at the World Ball Hockey Championships.  The matter was forwarded to the ISBHF Disciplinary Committee.

Here is the text of the Committee’s letter that went out to all member nations:

ISBHF Disciplinary Committee Tokyo
Beat Kraehenmann
Komagome 1-11-6-501
170-0003 Tokyo, Toshima

Canadian Ball Hockey Association
9107 Norum Road
Delta, British Columbia
V4C 3H9

Judgment of the Match Penalties against Justin Pender

Dear Sirs and Madams:

In the last second of the semi-final of last year’s (8th June 2013) Ball Hockey World Championship in St. Johns between the national teams of Canada and Czech Republic, Player number 24, Justin Pender, from Team Canada received two match penalties.

In accordance with ISBHF jurisdictional regulations article 3.3 the ISBHF Disciplinary Committee conducted an investigation on this case. The following statements and material were used for the sentence finding:

  official game report (8th June 2013)
  written statement from the referee in chief, David Shaw (8th June 2013)
  public statement from Justin Pender on twitter (10th June 2013)
  written statement from Justin Pender by mail to the Czech Republic team responsible Adam Karnet (20th June 2013)
  written statement from referee Florian Kunz (13thOctober 2013)
  written statement from referee Marek Kralovic (14thOctober 2013)
  written statement from the Czech Republic team responsible Adam Karnet (14th
October 2013)
  written statement from the Canadian Ball Hockey Association (24th October 2013)
  official recording of the game
The following videos found on YouTube:
  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eT4naBLJUKg
  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhxpCY1J7Hk
  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q36LIcvzS-w

Based on this material, the ISBHF Disciplinary Committee is sentencing the following disciplinary measurement:

Justin Pender is suspended for all games under the jurisdiction of the ISBHF until the 31th December 2015. The possibility to appeal to the ISBHF Appeals Committee remains.

Explanation of the sentence:

The fighting that Justin Pender started was completely unnecessary, especially as the game was decided and almost finished. Even if there was some provocation from the Czech Republic Player beforehand, Justin Pender’s actions were a heavy misconduct completely against of what is expected from an athlete. Furthermore, the intensity he showed when he continued to hit the Czech Player, although the Czech Player was already on the floor and the referees and the Czech Goalkeeper tried to calm him down, were never seen before. His actions were shocking and weight heavily and a suspension until the end of 2017 was considered for his actions.

For the second match penalty that Justin Pender received for attacking a referee; in all the video material available, the ISBHF Disciplinary Committee couldn’t see any intention that Justin Pender tried to attack or injure the referee. Therefore no change in the duration of the suspension is caused by this match penalty.
The ISBHF Disciplinary Committee recognizes that Justin Pender hadn’t any investigations against him so far. The public excuse and the mail sent to the Czech Republic team are recognized for mitigating the punishment to roughly two and a half year.

We believe that Justin Pender learned his lesson and his wrong doing and that he will not do anything similar when he can join again international Street Hockey tournaments in 2016.

Best Regards
ISBHF Disciplinary Committee
Beat Kraehenmann