This announcement starts a new era for the sport as this partnership allows for significant growth opportunities in both the near and long term…

Brian Broley, President & CEO of and Ball Hockey Ontario is pleased to announce that a working relationship with the Ontario Ball Hockey Federation (OBHF), The Canadian Ball Hockey Association (CBHA) and the International Street and Ball Hockey Federation has been initiated with and Ball Hockey Ontario to positively develop the sport from the grassroots through to the International level of competition.

Broley indicated that “I am excited with this affiliation and see this as an opportunity for all of us to gain from each other’s experience and work together to expand the game within the Province of Ontario as well as internationally”. is an active leader in the sport and Ball Hockey Ontario has been an active and positive influence on the sports development in Ontario.

The OBHF and Ball Hockey Ontario will be working together to develop programming in the Province.  Shelley Callaghan, President of the CBHA and Jim Chapman, President of the OBHF are looking forward to the opportunities this relationship will offer.  Chapman indicated that “The OBHF has a vision to grow the sport in Ontario with pride, passion and partnership and we are very pleased with our success in developing the Ontario operations.  We are excited to support this announcement”.  The CBHA is the premiere organization in Canada for the sport and Callaghan stated “We have built a great team in Canada in all of the Provinces, working to develop the sport in a very positive and open way and are also pleased to see this relationship come together”.

George Gortsos, President of the ISBHF & Executive Director of the CBHA is pleased to see this partnership being developed as it is good not only for Canada, but Internationally.  Gortsos indicates that “The ISBHF is a strong affiliation of international people committed to growing the sport and we see this affiliation as a positive step in bringing people committed to the sport into our Family.  The ISBHF is an international leader in the sport with annual events that bring together the top competitive players from countries around the World”.

ASHI is proud to announce that our friends from the North, Ontario’s Brian Broley and his staff at have partnered with the Ontario Ball Hockey Federation, the Canadian Ball Hockey Association, and the International Street and Ball Hockey Federation. ASHI is extremely excited to share this news with the hockey community here in America as this partnership represents a significant event in the global unification of the sport. has over 20,000 members and is one of the premier tournament hosts and event organizers in all of North America. They have been instrumental in the growth of the sport in Canada and Southern Ontario. We wish the CBHA, the OBHF, and all the best in their new partnership. ASHI has a working relationship with Brian and his staff and moving forward, we are excited to continue this dynamic partnership with them.

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