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Ball hockey is without any doubt a true team sport.  No one person can take the floor and win a game all by themselves. It takes the commitment of everyone on the team along with coaches and management staff to unify in pursuit of a common goal.  Alexander the Great is often credited with the following – ““Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all”.

While the United States teams did not reach their goals in Banff, the tournament overall saw some of the most outstanding hockey being played in recent memory.  Every game we witnessed teams and individuals giving 101%, trying their absolute best to achieve victory and push towards a Gold medal.  The sportsmanship exhibited by all the nations, participants, teams, volunteers, and fans was an honor to take part in.  ASHI is extremely happy and proud to recognize the following four individuals for their outstanding play at the 2016 ISBHF Masters World Ball Hockey Championships.

  • Liane Dixon – Women’s Division Tournament Most Valuable Player
  • Lorraine Profera Anderson – Women’s Division Most Valuable Defenseman
  • Alessandra Glista – Women’s Division Most Valuable Goaltender
  • Ricky L’Heureux – Men’s Division Most Valuable Defenseman

We asked each of these four terrific players for their thoughts on these amazing individual accomplishments:




“Winning MVP was a humbling experience. As someone who is pretty reflective, my perception of my performance differed from those involved in this voting process. I am honored to be recognized in a sport that I have recently become involved in. I would like to thank my teammates, my coaches, Shawn Mulcahy, in particular my line mates Nancy O’Halloran and Kristen Patneaude for being so supportive, positive and serving as true leaders helping guide me through my first international tournament experience.”


Liane after receiving her award from Canadian Ball Hockey Association President Shelley Callaghan



“With so many talented hockey players in Banff and at this late stage in my hockey career, I am both humbled and honored to be named Most Valuable Defenseman. Thank you to my husband Russ for all his support and help both on and off the floor as I prepared to compete as a member of the USA Masters Team Red. USA Masters Team Red coaching staff – Scott MacQuarrie, Jake Denne, Jackie Spiegel, and Chris Howdeshell for their show of confidence not only in me but the entire team. They made it very easy to be relaxed and play my game. I also want to thank General Manager Jason Kelly and Assistant GM Angelo Terrana for all they do to make it possible for myself and others to represent our country playing the sport we love. Roll Tide USA Red!!!!”


Lorraine’s reaction after hearing her name called for MVD



“I was surprised to be named the MVG for Masters. It was an amazing tournament with amazing competition. Ball hockey is a team sport, so to get an individual award doesn’t just represent me but the team and the US Program as a whole and what we were able to accomplish. There have been so many people who have taken the time to help me with my game, whether it’s shooting on me for hours at practices leading up to the tournament, training with me during off rink workouts and working hard together at tournaments to push ourselves to be the best we can be. None of this happens without my teammates, coaches, family, friends and peers who have invested time into this amazing sport for years and helped me prepare and I am grateful to all of them for always going above and beyond. A huge thank you to Thomas Bricklemyer who has been my goalie coach since I started playing hockey in high school. He is an amazing coach with an eye and passion for goaltending. One of the great memories I will carry with me of getting the award are the members of all four Team USA clubs who represented us in Banff. I got a lot of congratulations from men and women who I’ve played with and against for years. It was great to be able to share this moment with them as ALL of these people had a part in me receiving this award so a piece of this is also theirs. Last but not least, thank you to my family Jason Glista, Morena Ciambra, Maurizio Ciambra and Macci Ciambra, they are my biggest supporters and without them I am not where I am today. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be able to play this sport at this level with my hockey family surrounding me.”


Alessandra after receiving her award



The 3 women after winning their awards



“At the closing ceremonies, I was standing off to the side because in my mind, that was the time for the medal winners stage.  They fought to place 1,2,3, both men and women. So I was happy just watching from the outside. Chris Bokuniewicz had come over to ask me to move closer to the USA group because they had informed him I won and he needed to make sure I was available.  Honestly, I was hesitant but ultimately joined the group.  So with that said I was in amazement when they called my name. It was an uncomfortable position to be in for me since I believe one of the defensemen from a medal game should have gotten the award. Not a guy from a team that finished 5th. So being surprised by the whole thing and not knowing what to do I accepted the award on the behalf of my TEAM because there were five other guys (Mark Goodey, Harry Sye, Steve Zambon, Jimmy Hogan, Steve Russell) that could have had their named called for MVD. They must have picked me because I’m French Canadian lol. It is truly humbling to be noticed by all the other great masters in our sport. So I would personally like to thank everyone from the top to the bottom. A shout out to Casey Corcoran for letting me use his facility to train myself, Breakaway Hockey Dek, ASHI, GM Jamie Cooke, Assistant GM Nick Beard, Coaches, Teammates, Equipment guys, Announcers, Photographers ,Family, and Freinds. To the few people (you know who you are) that convinced me to take this ride again , it was well worth it.”


Rick gets a hug from Head Coach Jay Machin after winning the award


Rick with Coach Jay Machin


Rick after winning his award

Congratulations to all of these award winners.  On behalf of American Street Hockey Institute Executive Director Ricky Laperriere, President Chris Banks, and Vice President Mike DeFazio, we thank you for your incredible efforts and salute you on your accomplishments!

We hope to see all of you back for 2018!