Bobby Housser is starting his summer off on a positive note.  The Leominster, MA native finished 4th in scoring with 4 goals and 7 assists and was an integral part of the Men’s team success in winning the Silver Medal at the 2015 World Championships.

Can you talk about the fans in Zug? Any specific moment you can talk about?

The fans were amazing. My father told me when he went in 2003 that the fans and passion would show, and of course it did. It’s always fun playing in front of fans, whether they’re cheering for or against you. I don’t have a specific memory, except that a few Czech Fans who I’ve seen since 2009 showed up, they were very nice and cheered for us all week.

Housser Fans 2 Housser Fans

Did you enjoy playing along side Denny (Schlegel) and Korey (Wilson)? It must have been nice not to have all the pressure on your shoulders to carry the load?

Playing with Denny was fun as always. Him and I have automatic chemistry and it made my job that much easier. Korey was a kid I coached when I was 18 and he was like 12, so it was cool to see him develop into the player he is. There were allot of players that it was nice to play with, Jimmy Daugherty was unbelievable at grinding and getting us the ball, then Cory would sometimes throw out Ruiz. It was just fun to play with different players, but especially Denny, he’s a special guy.

housser schlegel

What did you feel Slovakia did differently in the final compared to the first game? Were the Slovaks one of the best teams you have ever faced in world competition?

Slovakia didn’t really do anything different than the first game, keep in mind Game 1 was a special teams battle. We just hit some bad luck but we played well enough to win, it’s hockey though and sometimes you lose games you should win and win games you should lose. There are allot of good teams regardless of what World’s you play in or what year you played and this Slovak team was right up there. They just never quit, they defeated Canada who looked strong, defeated Czechs who looked strong and defeated us. It happens, but you can’t dwell on it.

What was your favorite non-hockey moment in Zug?

Favorite non-hockey moment was when we found a Burger King…. Definitely my favorite moment.