Janesville, WI – Officers respond to a call but take an incredible approach with a lasting impression.

Nearly every day Sky’lar (12) and O’rion (11) Jester set up a net at the end of their driveway in the street. We’ve all been there. It’s the grass roots of hockey. No ice, no skates, just grab a net, some sticks and a ball and hit the streets, parks, sidewalks or anyplace you can find. The Jester kids are no different, they love hockey so when they aren’t on the ice rink with the Pee Wee C Janesville J-Hawks they are in the streets just having fun.

Popular Meme you see floating around the internet. So many of us can relate to this.

Why was this day any different? Hailley Saam explained, “I was in the house while my son was out playing hockey. I looked out my front window and saw a police car turning onto my street. I thought the boys were about to get in trouble. So I went to the back door to see what was going on. Right as I approached the door my son, O’rion, cane running in excited, yelling “they want to play with us! Get Sky’lar!” So I yelled for Sky’lar and they went out to play.”

Image courtesy of WIFR website.

The officers had been called for a disturbance which just happened to be Saam’s children playing hockey in the street. Janesville Police Officers then decided to do something a little different. They blocked off both ends of the block and pulled the net out to the middle of the road and joined in the play. Other neighborhood friends of Sky’lar and O’rion joined in as well. The officers and neighborhood kids played for a little over 30 minutes to allow the kids to have a game and remain safe.

Eventually the game came to an end and the officers did offer some other areas the kids could play safely and not be in the street.

It was Hailey Saam’s brother-in-law Loren who just happened to show up at the house as it was happening and caught it on video. The video has since gone viral and has well over 700,000 views.

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We’d like to thank Hailley Saam and Loren Phillips for providing us the videos and taking the time to speak to us.

WIFR News coverage of the officers and kids.