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Bill Sullivan and the crew at GPDC release a great video to help their facility and the sport grow…

Bill Sullivan, a member of several Team USA squads and the Captain of the Greater Pittsburgh Dek Hockey Center Arsenal and manager of the GPDC, released a promotional video today on their YouTube channel.  The video is very high quality and serves to further demonstrate how our sport is growing.  Congratulations to Bill and his amazing staff at GPDC as they continue to put on outstanding tournaments and host several top notch leagues.  We wish them all the best and continued success.

Click here to watch the video….

We also sat down with Bill to talk about the video….

What made you decide to do the video?

Myself along with Nick Battista, our Director of Marketing, had this in the works for a few months now. I had wanted to do this as soon as I took the rink over back in December. I knew it was going to take some time because we had to start to rebuild our GPDC Youth Program first before we could start filming.  We also wanted to film our tournament. But I also wanted to try and find a way to use my art degree a bit in my new job as Director of Hockey and Facility Operations, so we try to do all kinds of new visually appealing things for the rink and our sport. Why be dull with promoting the rink the same way we have for the past 30 years, we have competition now. So we have to do new things, and a few of us know our way around the artistic side of marketing, so why not take advantage of that.

How long did it take to complete?

We put some time into the process of making the video. The actual shooting for it was only shot on two separate days, one day during a free kid’s clinic followed by an Arsenal practice, then on the Saturday of our annual Midwest Regional Tournament that took place at the beginning of April. However we met with Alex Rodia and Thrive Production, who made the video, one day to see the quality of their past products and to give them an idea of what we wanted to do, and then followed that meeting up a week later to iron out an actual layout and visuals for the video.

Did you come up with the concept or did the video production company do it?

Nick and I had been discussing a promotion video for a few months now, and deliberating on what it would consist of and when would be an ideal time to launch it. So before we reached out to Thrive we knew basically just about everything that we wanted the video to consist of. Then gave Thrive artistic license to do what they do well.

What do you hope to gain from this video?

The video had a few purposes. One, was that we wanted to let the Pittsburgh area dek hockey players and parents that GPDC is under a new regime, and is ran by people who truly care about the development of the sport and of the kids and adults who play it. Because there are so many rinks in Pittsburgh now, which is nice, but we had to announce that GPDC is ran by dek hockey players for dek hockey players, not ran by a park coordinator or by someone who has a lot of other things on their plate. And two, of course we would like to get in some new blood and talent from all over the Pittsburgh area, and to let those new people that we know they have a few choices on where to play, but if you play at GPDC you get the highest quality everything from statistics to quality of play to coach and player dedication. And we are willing to put a lot into our facility to make their experience the best possible hockey experience.

How successful has GPDC been in the past couple years attracting new talent and new players to the game and how much do you think this video will help you in those efforts?

To be honest, the past few years have not been good. There are a number of places for people to play, and Penn Hills isn’t normally what you would think of as a hockey hot bed. However we are at the start of our rebuilding phase when it comes to youth. Adult leagues we are second to none in the country when it comes to quality of play, number of teams, and level of competition. But we are starting from scratch with our Youth Program because of some unfortunate hits the past few years. However, we are doing our very best at letting the community know that GPDC is under new management and we have people that care about the game in the correct positions on our coaching staffs and our management team. And most importantly that we will have been here for 30 years next year. We’ve won over 13 national championships, have over 50 Team USA representatives, and have had a handful of players go on to the NCAA and pro hockey ranks. Rinks will always continue to pop up in the area, but GPDC was the first, and we have no intentions on ever being anything besides the number 1 facility in Pittsburgh.

Will you have more videos on the way?

I do believe so, yes. We want to make sure we keep our video releases spaced out, because if we put one up every week then they will start to lose their appeal. But yes we will, more high quality videos like the Promo, as well as highlights from our A-League Arsenal team and Freshman All-Star team, as well as in-house footage. Everyone deserves a chance to see themselves play a little bit, and we’d like to supply that for them.

Anyone you want to single out for their contributions to the video?

Absolutely. First off thanks to Thrive Productions (Alex and John) for executing our vision of a successful video to near perfection and making one of the nicer things made thus far in our great sport. Nick Battista for helping me with everything at GPDC. Justin Dunnivan and Arsenal for helping with everything on a daily basis. To all of the GPDC players and parents who bring their kids to play everyday and allowed us to shoot the practices. And of course to ASHI for noticing our hard work and helping us promote our facility on a larger scale. Thank you.