Cory_HerschkCory Herschk and the Men’s USA team brought over a week of entertainment to ball hockey fans throughout the world.  Their dedication and hard work was recognized particularly state side.  Every USA game blew up the LiveStream in Zug and Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  The Pittsburgh native said, “We all are overwhelmed by the support. Seriously thank you.”

01. How would you describe your overall experience as the head coach of the Men’s Team? 

This has been the most spectacular experience, and most rewarding of my 16 years coaching our sport. The venue was state-of-the-art, the city and it’s fans treated us like NHL super stars, ISBHF has stepped up there game/format/professionalism since my last few experiences, Switzerland leaves you speechless, and the competition was the best our world has ever seen. I’ve been watching every Men’s WC since 2005 and this was the deepest I’ve seen it. But our players and staff topped the cake making it the most memorable for me.

02. How you feeling now that your back in the states? 

Haha, happy to be with my family. I still feel like something is missing. Like something just isn’t quite right. Everything went so well. Things don’t always go as you plan, but this did…except for a bounce or two in the gold medal game.

03. How would you rate the overall experience with ASHI?

Except for Rob (Chassin) always losing the locker-room key (kidding Rob), I’d say that our organization is doing it right with the Men’s program. From Ricky to Banks, from DeFazio to George, ASHI helped us prepare for success. For that myself, my coaches and players are grateful.

04. How difficult was it to bring this team of diverse players together and accomplish what you did?

It was fun! Who would’ve thought that coaching 26-year-old men would be so similar to teaching 9-year-old kids? The bonding experience from day one turned this group of guys into a family. Mike Colcord still wakes up everyday and looks for us at family breakfast. The personalities had to be right, guys had to accept rules & roles, and they had to understand that we have one purpose. THEY DID THAT AND MORE!!!!!!!!! I can’t thank the boys who wore those jerseys enough for all that they did for me. No words can describe it.

05. Silver medal first in our history – how does that make you feel?

It ain’t gold…but I’m still very proud.