Talent is essential but on most days talent is not enough to win GOLD.  These young men have proved to be good team leaders and who have not only bought into the coaching and system their coaches have implemented but they treat their teammates with respect and dignity, and are willing to hold their teammates and themselves accountable.

To win GOLD, team captains must demand the best from themselves, their teammates, and the staff.  They set the tone in practices, work outs and help keep their team focused on the goal.  The Captains and Alternates have lead by example and hold their teammates to that example. 

We congratulate all of the Captains and Alternates and know they will continue to work hard. 

After careful consideration we are pleased that the following players will be Captains & Alternates for the USA Jr Teams:
Rusty Abate C
Jordan Albright A
Danny Geatens A
Anthony Washart A
Josh Faust C
Nick Cataldo A
Drew Albright A
Alec Myers A
Dennis Hickey C
Michael Malloy A
James Kiesel A
Steven Ersing A
Scott Tarzy  GM

Joe Cataldo Assistant GM

Mike Albright U16 Head Coach
Bob Jones U18 Head Coach

Mark Quillen U20 Head Coach