Team USA Women’s Ball Hockey Call For Coaches

Team USA Ball Hockey


Athletes from all over the country come together to compete in the International Street and Ball Hockey
Foundation (ISBHF) World Championships. Recently, the USA Women’s Ball Hockey team lost in the bronze
medal game to Slovakia during the June, 2015 competition in Zug, Switzerland.

The American Street Hockey Institute (ASHI) recruits top athletes from all sports (ball hockey, ice hockey,
field hockey, soccer etc) to participate on the USA Women’s national team. The next World Championship
tournament is in Pardubice, Czech Republic in June, 2017. Players will be recruited in Spring 2016 and the team
will train together at tournaments and camps from 2016 through the tournament in June, 2017.

Responsibilities of Coaches for Team USA Women’s Ball Hockey
Tryouts/Camp Schedule

Tryout 1 – April 1-2, Philadelphia, PA
North Americans Ball Hockey Tournament

Tryout 2 – May 21-22 (Tentative dates), Boston, MA
United Women’s Ball Hockey Tournament

Camp 1 – July 30-31st, Philadelphia, PA

Tournament 1 –Weekend of 9/24 or 10/1 World
Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships, Barrie, ON.

Camp 2 – January 14-16, Boston, MA

Tournament 2 – TBD, April Niagara Falls Super
Series or March North Americans Tournament

Camp 3 – Weekend of May 20th

ISBHF World Championships in Pardubice, Czech
Republic – One full week in June, 2017

(NOTE – Dates are tentative. Camps and tournaments will be within a week or two of the proposed dates above)

Application Deadline
March 1st, 2016
Candidates will be chosen by March 15th

How to apply? Click here to access the online application.

Email General Manager, Jason Kelly, at with questions.


What coaching positions are available to apply for?
Head Coach, Assistant Head Coach, Assistant Coach for
Forwards and Assistant Coach for Defense

What kind of experience is required to coach Team
USA Women’s Ball Hockey?
Coaches come from many different backgrounds. Coaches
that have coached high levels of youth or adult ice or ball
hockey are qualified to apply for the position.

Is this a paid position?
No, neither coaches nor players are paid. As ball hockey
continues to grow, we hope it grows to the point where
players and coaches can be paid for the amazing athletes
they are.

What is the time commitment as a coach?
Team USA comes together for a weekend once every few
months. During these weekends, coaches are on all weekend
getting to know the players and teaching the team their
expectations. There is a fair amount of preparation required
to plan these weekends well. During the ISBHF World
Championships, Team USA usually has one game per day and
goes to support the Men’s Team USA group in their games.

Why should I apply for this position?
The experience of representing your country is a once in a
lifetime opportunity. The World Championships tournament
is a high quality international tournament that is a privilege
to attend. In addition, the ball hockey community is an
impressive set of athletes that come together, play great
hockey, and have an amazing time together. As a coach, you
will be a part of something great.

For more information, email General Manager, Jason Kelly, at with questions.