ASHI’s USA Women’s team bounced back today with an 8-0 win over Great Britain. The line of Julia Bronson, Tiffany Pokora, and Kelly Foley performed at a high level today, tallying 4 of the 8 goals scored. ASHI spoke with Julia and Tiffany after the game.


Julia, your line was the most productive one statistically speaking today; did you change anything in your offensive approach from the Slovakia game?

We’ve had the same game plan since the start of the tournament. We worked out the kinks in the last game and we’re finally able to find each other and connect in this game.

Can you talk about the overall women’s bracket and the competition level you have watched/played so far?

The overall competition in the women’s bracket has been very impressive. I was familiar with some of the players from the Czech Republic and knew they were good ice hockey players. Now having seen the different teams and countries play ball hockey, it’s going to continue to be a hard fought tournament!

Tiffany_PokoraTiffany, tough Game 1 but bounced back nicely today against Great Britain. Your line dominated from the start of the game, can you talk a little about your line mates and the success you had today?

I’m pumped to be playing with Bronson and Foley. They know the game so well and play off each other very smoothly. Even in the short time we’ve been playing together, I have learned a lot from them. They are great coaches on the floor and bench. Really, I feel fortunate to be playing along side them. Today I felt like the three of us got into a bit of a rhythm. Puck possession and cycling is one of our strengths and we had a lot of success with that today as GB gave us time and space. A dangerous thing to do, as you saw. I’ve been working on finishing in front of the net, so was pleased to be able to finish off those two goals. Bronson and Foley worked hard in the corned to make that first one happen, I just happened to be in the right place to finish it off. Foley gave me a pretty pass for the second one. Glad I put that one in the back of the net. Would have hated to waste it.

What are a couple things the team as a whole needs to improve upon going into your 3rd game versus the Czech Republic?

Not sure we have any major improvements to make. We gained a lot of confidence today and need to take that in to tomorrow and the following games. If we play our game, take it one shift/period/game at a time, and maintain our confidence there’s not a team we can’t beat. Really looking forward to getting after the Czechs tomorrow!