Tansboro Dek hockey, Berlin NJ is home to some of the best ball hockey players in the South Jersey area, and has been for many years. The rink was established in 1984 by Ray Derosa Sr and son after they saw a Mylec Dek hockey tournament in Philadelphia. DeRosa Sr. knew there was a growing interest in the Flyers, in hockey and after speaking with a Mylec distributor, purchased the land in Berlin NJ with a vision to grow dek hockey. The site was approved and the facility, complete with a penalty box, players boxes and scoreboard was finished in just seven days!

Weeknight leagues formed, teams developed and dek hockey grew. As competition grew, divisions were added, and weekend leagues were formed. With the help of son, Ray Derosa Jr. referees,
and countless team captains; Tansboro became one of the best places to play hockey, and one of the only where you could play on dek. At the time of purchase in 1984, only 23 dek hockey rinks existed in the country and none could be within 30 miles of each other. Being one of the only places to play dek hockey, Tansboro became a hot bed for the surrounding area. The competition helped grow the sport and in its prime, four divisions flourished with over 120 teams and nearly 2,000 players!

Through the 90’s Tansboro hosted several major east coast tournaments. In August of 1992, Tansboro hosted the annual “Easterns” tournament with teams from New Jersey, PA, Delaware,
Maryland, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. This tournament would determine the Eastern champion of dek hockey. Over 25 teams competed on Saturday and Sunday, with the Cumberland Maryland Raiders being crowned champions.

Tansboro remains home to some of the best ball hockey players in the South Jersey area, with a mix of youth and veteran players in its 3 competitive divisions. On Saturday November 25 th , Tansboro will host a tournament of a different kind. For the 3rd year in a row there will be a 3 on 3 iron man tournament with a Cash prize and tournament hats up for grabs. The past two events have been a great success and we hope to increase the number of teams to grow the prize and size of the tourney.

If you have any questions, would like to register a team or player, please contact :

Tyler Sheehan: Tyler.sheehan@rutgers.edu
856 745 6397

Article submitted by Tyler Sheehan