Marc Costanza is the Director of TCS Roller Hockey, he has been involved with TCS for 14 years.  Marc has also been involved with Dek Hockey for 10 years or so now. In January Marc and TCS will be hosting the 7th Annual Winter Cup Dek Hockey Tournament at the Salt Creek Sports Center in Palatine, IL. The event has topped off at 10 teams previously but Marc is hoping to expand and get more teams involved this year. Based on the teams from the past Marc believes it will come down to the Raiders or Toro’s for the championship.

The event will be offering High School & Adult Divisions – A, AA, and AAA skill levels depending on the number of teams that register. The Salt Creek Sports Center is a “Beautiful indoor facility on sport court that has two blue lines and a red line set up for offsides and icing”, Marc explained.

Come play in a cool, unique tournament that’s being held in a world class facility just 30 minutes from the city of Chicago.

The tournament will consist of 3 games guaranteed, stop clock, off sides, and icing. First and second place winners will receive a custom team trophy and each player will receive an award. The event will have a players appreciation party at the rink on Saturday night. Any player playing in the tournament is welcome to join the party for free food and drinks. Awards will be handed out for Top Scorer, Top Goalie, and Championship MVP. There will also be a “Player of the game” award for each game. On top of all this Marc is offering one FREE hotel room for one night for all out of state teams that sign up.