5K run a success

The American Street Hockey Institute (ASHI) would like to thank Eleni Aidonidis and all of the participants and volunteers that came out to this fundraiser today. It was a beautiful morning at the National Dekhockey Center host of the event. 58 runners and 23 volunteers in total participated.

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Event organizer Eleni Aidonidis, also member of the USA Women’s team going to Zug, Switzersland in June, was thrilled with the turnout. She had the following to say about the event:

“The event turned out to be a great success. We have 58 participants running or walking and 23 volunteers helping me out at the race. Any time you can get that many people together for a good cause is a success in my eyes.

The start of the day was me alone on rink 2 at Mylec unloading things out of my car thinking, “wow, it’s really cold, I hope people still come!” My student volunteers eventually started to roll in and began helping me organize the event. Family and friends showed up around the same time and immediately asked, “what can I do to help?” It was a great feeling to be supported by all these people in my life.

Once everyone was checked-in the atmosphere was full of excitement and optimism. We had clear skies and the sun was shining and everyone was eager to begin the race! So the enthusiasm was there from start to finish today! Although it was a bit cold at check-in time a lot of people commented that is was the “perfect running weather” because it wasn’t too hot and once they started running it wasn’t so cold anymore.

I absolutely could not have done this without my family, friends, teammates, students and participants. I am grateful that I have students that are willing to volunteer there time to help me outside of school and even run in the race. I am extremely appreciative to all those that participated in this first USA Ball Hockey 5k. Of course, I am thankful for my family, friends and teammates that didn’t need a second thought to help me. This event was only successful because of every person that showed up today. I am hoping that the USA Ball Hockey 5k becomes an annual event so that we can continue to make our Winchendon community stronger, inspire our youth and develop our USA program.”

Some of the raffles prizes. Thank you for the donations!

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Photos by Jeff Bowers Photography on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jbowersphotography