This past week the ISBHF announced the location of the 2018 Master’s World Ball Hockey Championship. Master’s players ages 37 and over will be heading to Bermuda. The Bermuda Ball Hockey Association along with the ISBHF have joined up to bring the international tournament to the beautiful atmosphere of Bermuda.

President of the ISBHF George Gorstos spoke about his experience while visiting Bermuda, “We headed out into the ocean to a wonderful cove where we were met by other members of the Bermuda team. Anchors were put down and 5 boats were joined as one as the shore line about 200-250 meters away from us teased us with a pristine white beach. For me I jumped in the warm refreshing waters and soaked in them for hours. What really made a impact on me as I watched this community is how they do this with their kids and spouses every Saturday. This is an amazing way for these people to bond and relax..”

The Master’s event will be one you don’t want to miss.


Read the full ISBHF release:

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