Player Expectations
Register for evaluations at women’s evaluation registration
Attend one of two tournaments to be evaluated
North Americans, April 1,2,3, Feasterville, PA.
Springfest, May 21-22, Dracut, MA
Registration fee for tryouts is $30.
To be eligible for any USA National Team you must also fill out the ASHI Membership Registration here.

If chosen to be a member of the Team USA National Program, players will be responsible for the following:
Attend all Team USA training camps.
Maintain training regiment between camps.
Fundraise $2500 to pay for travel expenses and tournament entry fees.
Attend ISBHF World Championship tournament in June, 2017 in Pardubice, Czech Republic.

ASHI Expectations
Evaluate all players registered for tryouts.
Choose 30-35 players to be a part of the Team USA National Program.
Announce Team USA National Program members by June 1st, 2016.

What will ASHI do for players once the team is chosen?
Handle all logistics of camps.
Handle all logistics of tournaments, including jerseys and apparel.
Handle all logistics of ISBHF tournament in June, 2017.
Provide Apparel and Team USA jerseys for tournament.
Keep track of player fundraising .
Assist in generating ideas for players to fundraise.

Camp Schedule
National Team Invitations received by June 1st, 2016

Tournament 1 – June 30-July 3rd, International Heritage Cup, Niagara, ON
Camp 1 – July 30-31st, Philadelphia, PA
To be decided along with the head coach, once chosen

Tournament 1 – Weekend of 9/24 or 10/1 in Barrie, ON
Camp 2 – January 14-16, Boston, MA
Tournament 2 – TBD, either April super series in St. Catherines or April Mississauga tournament
Camp 3 – Weekend of May 20th or may 27th
ISBHF World Championships June, 2017 – One full week in June, 2017

Do I have to play in the A division at North Americans and Springfest to get evaluated?
No. We will evaluate players playing in the B division if that is the team you are playing on. However to show you can play with the best players in the world you should attempt to play against the best players in any tournament.

What if I don’t have an A team I normally play on? Can I get help on finding an A team for North Americans or Springfest?
Yes! Please reach out to Jason Kelly, General Manager of Team USA, at jkelly@ashihockey.org.

How do I register to tryout for Team USA?
Go to ashihockey.org. Fill in the registration form with your name, team for North Americans or Springfest, number, and your registration fee.

What if I have a conflict with both tournaments but would still like to try out?
Please inform Jason Kelly, General Manager of Team USA, at jkelly@ashihockey.org.

Will I have to pay my way to camps and tournaments?
Yes. Please budget for travel to and from each camp.