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2015 World Ball Hockey Championship Results

DateTime (Eastern)GameVenuePool/GroupFinalGame Stats
6/20/20151:00PMUSA - SVKBossard ArenaPOOL A/Group 14-3 WGame Stats
6/21/20155:30AMUSA - PAKBossard ArenaPOOL A/Group 111-3 W Game Stats
6/22/20156:30AMSVK - USAEishalleWOMEN/Group 53-0 LGame Stats
6/22/20152:00PMPOR - USABossard ArenaPOOL A/Group 12-1 WGame Stats
6/23/20156:30AMUSA - GBREishalleWOMEN/Group 58-0 WGame Stats
6/23/20152:00PMFIN - USABossard ArenaPOOL A/Group 12-0 WGame Stats
6/24/20151:45PMCZE - USAEishalleWOMEN/Group 53-2 LGame Stats
6/25/20157:00AMITA - USABossard ArenaWOMEN/Group 56-2 WGame Stats
6/26/20159:30AMUSA - SUI Bossard ArenaPOOL A/QUARTER FINAL7-1 WGame Stats
6/26/20151:45PMUSA - CANEishalleWOMEN/Group 53-2 LGame Stats
6/27/20152:00AMUSA - SUIBossard ArenaWOMEN/Group 53-0 WGame Stats
6/27/201511:45AMUSA - GREBossard ArenaPOOL A/SEMI FINAL6-1 WGame Stats
6/28/20156:30AMUSA - SVKEishalleWOMEN/BRONZE MEDAL5-1 LGame Stats
6/28/201511:15AMUSA - SVKBossard ArenaPOOL A/GOLD MEDAL4-3 LGame Stats

2015 Gold Medal Game

2015 Bronze Medal Game

2015 Men's Highlights

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